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Bollinger Motors

Cities such as Jackson, MS have been impacted heavily, especially recently, by recurring natural disasters.

The impact of this is multiplied by their aging infrastructure. Recently, thousands of residents in Jackson were impacted for weeks due to water shortages and contamination from natural events. Bollinger Motors, an electric vehicle company, reached out to our studio to conceptualize the use of their B2 electric pickup truck concept as an emergency response vehicle for water emergencies. These trucks would be dispatched by the national guard or similar as a rapid response system for water contamination and shortage emergencies. 


Tasked with developing product systems that could be integrated with and leveraging the B2's platform, our team created a system that uses modular, replaceable filters, a system to pull water from hydrants through the frunk, and a clean water distribution system at the rear. My focus was on the packaging and design of the water intake method and the filters, as well as the control and repair systems for the filter operators. The project involved secondary research on our target population, full-scale ergonomics testing, brand aesthetics analysis, and detailed integration and visualization of the system. 

Role - Visualization, Integration, Conceptualization

Timeframe - 2021

Collaborators - Zimmy Kang, Quinten Staples, Nicole Yu

Part of Products Studio III: Designing for Complex Products Systems

at Carnegie Mellon University

INTERIOR KEYSHOT-filters.269.png
INTERIOR KEYSHOT-filters_edited.jpg
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