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CMR 22e Steering Wheel

A year-long project designing and manufacturing a multifunctional steering wheel for an open-wheel, single-seat, electric racecar. The device uses ten buttons as inputs for settings such as communications and vehicle configurations. A series of L.E.D. lights and a display screen communicate back to the driver about things such as the vehicle condition and temperatures, dynamic data, and configuration state.

The device features a custom circuit board, an electromechanical quick-disconnect system to the steering column, a water-jetted custom carbon fiber plate, and a 3D-printed enclosure with integrated grips. The wheel had to meet structural requirements of drop testing during driver egress, waterproofing requirements for rain testing, and strength requirements for operation and vehicle dynamic feedback.


It was an opportunity to work closely with electrical engineers to integrate a custom interface device, as well as work with drivers and manufacturing partners on the team to balance ergonomics, compliance, cost, user processing/perception, manufacturability, and repairability. 

Role - Project Lead, Ergonomics, Design, Engineering, Fabrication

Timeframe - 2021-2022

Collaborators - Pravir Das, Navod Jayawardhane, Matthew Hou, Ashira Johara

Part of Carnegie Mellon Racing's 22e electric open-wheel racecar

Awarded 1st overall vehicle at Formula Hybrid 2022

Placed 2nd in vehicle design, 5th overall at Formula SAE - Electric 2022


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