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Morphing Air

In collaboration with Nike and 'N:ke Time', the Morphing Matter Lab was asked to explore the opportunity of computational shape change for functional garments and sportswear. Using a completely passive pneumatic logic system, our concept prototype responds to a user's physical activity state with shape-changing pants to improve temperature management.


The underlying fluidic computation system is included in upcoming work led by Luca Lu at ACM CHI'23.

Unfortunately, I can't share all of the details of this project publicly. Please reach out if you want to talk!

Conceptualization, Design, Fabrication co-lead, Visualization

In collaboration with Luca Lu, Stella Shen, and Lining Yao 

MML LOGO 1 (Traced) 1 (Traced).png
nike activity.PNG
Responsive thermal management

The systems developed for the Morphing Air project present the opportunity to connect the inputs of physical behavior to outputs involving the changing shape, texture, and geometry of the wearer's garments and footwear. In this demonstration, physical activity is dynamically mapped to pant venting based on the wearer's foot contact behavior patterns. (29).gif
nike layout diagram.png
nike pres.png

With Morphing Air, most physical movement patterns can be linked to shape change behaviors using the combination of fluidic computation systems and custom-designed fluidic actuators. This enables a broad design space for zero-electronics, sustainable, washable, and durable responsive apparel and footwear. 

nike layout.PNG
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