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For my senior design capstone project, I'm creating a device that supports immersive image capture and projection. Inspired by the central artifacts that have defined living spaces throughout human history (fireplaces, radios, slide projectors, and televisions), the Panograph applies concepts of slow tech and ritual-driven design to embed rich value into the group photography and review process. Images of family, friends, or spaces are captured in 360 and can then be accessed in the future and projected onto wall surfaces or a curved projection surface that swings in front of the projector. 

The prototype device is being built using a projector and camera system linked to a Raspberry Pi computer. When fully built, it will be able to capture panoramic media, and then using values from a rotary encoder it can reproject that panoramic media using a single projector, progressively seeking as the user rotates the machine, re-projecting a seamless and immersive 'memory'. 

Below are images from the prototypes and process so far- stay tuned for the final output!

Lead designer, Physical computing, Mechanical Designer, Fabrication, Visualization and identity

The Panograph is built upon historical patterns of central artifacts for sharing personal and familial history- visual recordkeeping. Although technologies like VR offer intimate and immersive visualization, they lack the ability to engage in a shared and unencumbered experience. 

By using a panoramic capture system, fully contained within the device, the Panograph acts as a camera, projector, social device, and family photo book. 

image 17.png
16 Elevations1_edited.jpg
updated tripod2.png
updated tripod.png
20 Renderings - print.png
updated tripod.396.png
updated tripod.390.png
updated tripod.393.png

Using a realtime camera:projection loop to prototype optic distances and sizing.


The prototype hardware has adjustment and tunability incorporated (that contribute to its bulkiness) to allow for changes during the manufacturing process. 

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